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Andrew was a vulnerable young offender on a Youth Rehabilitation Order.

Andrew had moved schools several times and had no qualifications. Working with the team at Career Connect, he started to understand that he needed an opportunity to take him away from negative influences in his local area and agreed to explore gaining some qualifications, to provide structure to his life and improve his future prospects.

Early meetings with Career Connect helped Andrew to develop his resilience. He was also supported and encouraged to focus on improving his confidence, self-control, commitment and how to deal with challenges.

His journey started with developing a routine of setting an alarm to get up, checking bus routes to enable him to get to appointments on time and making plans to see family.  These small steps, as well as the increased self-confidence and motivation, all helped Andrew to make positive changes and look forward to a rewarding career.

Andrew has now settled into a college course and feels he has more control of his life. He is aiming for a career in joinery and feels positive about what the future holds. Career Connect is keeping in touch with Andrew, to ensure that any issues that arise can be resolved before they become major obstacles to his plans.


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