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Matthew, 25, is an Administration Apprentice at Career Connect, where he is working towards a Level 3 qualification in Customer Service in our Sefton team.

“Just after COVID, I finished my university course in Psychology. I was fatigued with education in the sense that I had been doing it for 20+ years. I had a small part time job, but I wanted a full-time job. My Job Centre told me about a potential apprenticeship in customer service by Sefton at Work and that’s how I started working for Career Connect.

“My role varies a lot, but I do follow-up work, spreadsheets, promoting jobs and I contact young people to find out whether they are in employment, education or training, or working towards them. I also participate in things like home visits and have meetings with different vulnerable groups. Career Connect is always helping me get the most out of my experience by letting me see a spectrum of what happens in the charity.

“The staff at Sefton are so helpful and understand any situation you’re in and any barriers you have. They will try and accommodate everything, and they really do have your best interests at heart.

“One thing I’ve found is lots of people either don’t know or aren’t sure what to do next. But as soon as they speak to someone in this area, they are helped to build the blocks of understanding. I am so grateful for how helpful everyone has been.

“I was really worried I was too old to be an apprentice, but I’m just like a regular employee. I’m also getting a qualification as well. I walked into this team and everyone made me feel welcome and I really enjoy it.

“My plan is to return to university soon, but from this experience I know I want to be in an environment where I help people. I feel I understand people better now, too, and I really understand my degree better because I’ve got practical experience. It’s really rewarding when a parent or client is thankful for your support. It’s been great working with Career Connect, I really have enjoyed it.”

If you’re a school or college leaver in Sefton who’s not currently in education, employment or training, contact Career Connect Sefton on Tel: 0151 944 6100 or email [email protected] to find your pathway to a great career. 

Find out all about National Apprenticeships Week 2023 and how to become an apprentice by clicking HERE.

Career Connect has local offices across Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester.  Find your local office by clicking HERE.

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