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Career Connect is pleased to report that the charity has reduced its mean pay gap from 8.2% (in 2017) to 3.3% (in 2019)

Having a fully inclusive and diverse workforce is something we aspire to at Career Connect because we understand that a vibrant and diverse workforce brings a range of talent and many benefits to our clients and customers.

In 2017 Career Connect welcomed the introduction of new legislation requiring all employers with 250+ employees to publish details of employees’ gender pay and any bonus differentials. The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 apply to private and voluntary sector organisations.

Data was analysed at that stage and a range of measures introduced to address this issue, including increases to pay bands in lower entry level grades.  As a result of these measures, we are pleased to report that Career Connect has reduced its mean pay gap from 8.2% (in 2017) to 3.3% (in 2019).

As an organisation, Career Connect recognises there is further progress to be made in ensuring an inclusive workforce, where all employees are empowered to succeed based on their contribution and impact in their role.

Read the full report below.


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gender pay gap report


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