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We have now launched our new Career Connect Youth Agreement, which details exactly what young people can expect from Career Connect and the services we deliver.

The new Career Connect Youth Agreement has been developed based on feedback we receive from young people across the region. The agreement explains when, how and why we include young people in our services and what they can expect from us.

Youth Agreement

As a charity, Career Connect has made an organisational commitment to young people’s participation in the services we deliver across all areas of the charity, in reference to Article 12 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We will ensure our services are:

  • Delivered by friendly and approachable staff
  • Easy to access
  • Respectful of the needs of young people
  • Understanding and celebrating that all young people are different
  • Person centred

In support of this, we want to hear the views of young people about the services they receive or need.

We believe:

  1. Young people have the right to be involved and have a say in the planning and delivery of services that we offer
  2. Young people are all different and all equal. Their participation matters
  3. The views of young people will be listened to
  4. Young people who want to get involved will be supported to express their ideas and opinions safely
  5. All young people working with Career Connect will be treated with respect
  6. When young people get involved in projects and services, we will communicate clearly what will be expected
  7. Career Connect will audit young people’s involvement in services twice per year and update our website with the findings
  8. Young people have the right to have their say. They will be supported to feel comfortable to do so

Youth Voice Coordinator, Evie Chambers, said: “The development of this Youth Agreement is a pillar in the work of Career Connect.  It highlights our commitment to Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As a charity, it is essential that we meet the standards that young people hold us to, and we hope this is reflected in the wording of our Youth Agreement.”

You can download a copy of the Career Connect Youth Agreement via the link below.

Career Connect Youth Agreement


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