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As part of our series reflecting on the success of our Achieve CFO3 contract, we look back at how our partnership with Transport Training Academy helped Trevor.

An image of the Transport Training Academy logoWith labour market information showing both the UK and European transport sector suffering from a shortage of skilled professional drivers, Achieve partnered with Transport Training Academy (TTA) to develop a programme giving CFO3 participants in Lancashire and Greater Manchester the skills and qualifications to become HGV Drivers.

Each programme operates over six months and participants are supported into employment following successful completion of the qualification. To date, 32 participants have undertaken the programme,14 of whom have progressed into sustainable employment.

“Trevor began his CFO3 journey in prison in September 2021. He was clear what he wanted to achieve; to pass his HGV test and become an HGV driver,” said Achieve Case Manager Zubeir Chati.

How it works

Interventions delivered in custody included writing disclosure statements, setting SMART goals and building transferable skills, problem solving and enterprise skills. Trevor also completed courses on synthetic cannabinoids, supporting your sleep and social media awareness.

Zubeir added: “On his release, I met with Trevor at his Approved Premises. When I told him that HGV training was now being oered through CFO3, he genuinely couldn’t believe that we would help him in this. He was interviewed and enrolled on the HGV project.

Rising to the Challenge

“Trevor was very keen and asked to be fast tracked as his motivation was high and he was confident that he would pass. When assessed, he was determined to be a very good driver and was put through his paces by TTA.

“He rose to the challenge and passed his theory and practical tests within two months. The programme usually takes four to six months to complete.

“Trevor was now even more determined. I helped him apply for a few jobs and within weeks he had secured employment with an HGV company, where he is still employed. From his prison cell, to driving down country lanes, Trevor’s dream has come true.”

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