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Discover how our team in St Helens helped to support Kyle in exploring his career options and changing career direction.

Kyle, 20, is working as a Support Worker for Community Integrated Care after accessing career support from our team in St Helens.

“I was doing a construction course, where I achieved a Level 1 in Health and Safety/ Construction Skills. I was waiting to be contacted about my CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card test after the delays with Covid but didn’t hear anything for a while and I wasn’t really enjoying it.”

Through annual tracking, Career Connect found that Kyle had become unemployed and wasn’t claiming any benefits. They gave him a call to offer career support and help exploring his options.

“I’m really glad they reached out to me first, because I was really happy for the help. We had a phone call and spoke about things that I enjoyed and programmes or training that I was interested in. I could have easily stayed on the route of construction to get some money, but I wanted to build a career and I was also looking to get a security SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence.

“My adviser helped me by sourcing different training courses that I could go on. They also made me think about alternative jobs that I could do if security or construction didn’t work out. This advice actually led me to the job I am doing now.

“I had to wait for a few of the programmes I wanted to go on. In the meantime, MMA was always something I was interested in, so I decided to try it out to see if I wanted a career in it. I was offered training, but I decided I wanted to be self-taught and went on to complete five matches which were all paid.

“In January 2022, I started my new job as a Support Worker for Community Integrated Care in St Helens, and I’m still working there now. I help people of different ages and with a variety of needs in supported living.

“I feel really positive about my future and appreciate that Career Connect continued to keep in touch with me, to give me support and offer alternative plans for my career. The staff just being there at the other end of the phone made me feel reassured, and it really helped to keep me motivated to find a job. It also made me feel less isolated because I knew someone was there to support me reach my goals and aspiration.”


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