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Hey there, Year 11 pupils! Mixed emotions about GCSE exam results day? No worries, we are here to help! Here are some friendly tips and advice to guide you through this important time...

Useful GCSE Exam Results Day Tips:

  1. Enrolling at College or Sixth Form: If you have applied to a college or sixth form, you will need to enrol. Check with each one for the enrolment process.
  2. Apprenticeships: If you have an apprenticeship offer dependent on your GCSE results, do not forget to share your results with the apprenticeship provider. Give them a call and ask how to do it.
  3. Maths and English Resits: If you did not pass Maths or English with a Grade 4 or above, you must resit them. Colleges and sixth forms require you to study these subjects, for the duration of your course, until you pass.

No Plans, or Considering Alternatives? No Worries!

Steps to Follow on (and after) GCSE Exam Results Day:

  • Seek Advice: Talk to your school/college careers adviser before making any decisions.
  • Explore College and Sixth Form Courses: Check their websites for available courses.
  • Get in Touch: Reach out directly to sixth forms and colleges, even if you did not get the results you wanted. They may still help and offer alternative courses.
  • Interested in Apprenticeships? Create an account on and start applying.
  • Confused or unsure? Talk to Your Careers Adviser: If you are unsure about your future, discuss your options with your school/college careers adviser. That is what they are there for!

Useful Websites:

Need More Support? Your Local Career Connect Teams are Here for You!

If you want to discuss you future career choices, want to understand your options – or maybe you didn’t get the GCSE exam results you were hoping for and need advice on your next steps – our local teams are waiting to help you. Contact them in the following ways:

Remember: Don’t Panic!

If your GCSE exam results are not what you hoped for, do not worry! It’s not the end of the world.

There’s more than one route into any career, so there are always other paths to achieve your goals, and people ready to offer help and advice. Just reach out to them! Stay positive and keep moving forward. You have got this! 😊


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