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Had your results on GCSE Results Day? Not sure what to do next? We have some tips & advice to help you….

Useful Tips for GCSE Results Day:

  • If you have applied to a college or sixth form, you will need to know HOW to show them your results and have another interview. Make sure you know this.
    If you have an offer of an apprenticeship, is it dependent on your GCSE results? If so, you should send them a copy of their results, so call them and ask how you send them.
  • Bear in mind that, if you do not pass your Maths or English (Grade C or above), it is a LEGAL REQUIREMENT that you MUST re-sit these – so any college or sixth form you apply to will make you study these until you pass.

No plans or considering alternative?

Don’t panic! Do some research to ease the stress!

  • Apprenticeship vacancies are available on the National Government Apprenticeships website Browse these and see what opportunities are out there.
  • Check out College and Sixth form websites for courses that interest you. Note down their contact details and get in touch. They may ask what your GCSE results where, so these have to hand.

Know the difference between A Levels and BTECs

Remember: A Levels are exam-based, whereas BTECs use written assignments throughout the year. Both may include practical elements, depending on the course you apply for.

Steps to Follow on GCSE Results Day:

  1. Seek Advice – talk to your school/college careers adviser before making any decisions.
  2. Find out what courses are available from college and sixth form websites.
  3. Talk to sixth forms and colleges directly and have your results to hand. If you didn’t get the results you were hoping for, they can still help (possibly even offer you alternative courses) so still contact them.
  4. Interested in an apprenticeship? Visit the National Government Apprenticeships Website and create an account – then you can make as many applications as you like.

If you are not sure what you want to do, talk to your school/college careers adviser – THAT’S WHAT THEY’RE THERE FOR!

Some useful websites for GCSE Results Day:

If you’re an A Level student looking for advice on A Level Results Day, check out our tips on this page.


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