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We are pleased to report that we have taken action to address some early concerns regarding the gender pay gap. These have been effective in helping the charity to make progress towards bridging the imbalance.

Based on data from 5th April 2021, Career Connect is performing well in closing the gender pay gap between men and women.  This progress comes despite a spike in 2020, which is explained in the full report.

Attracting and retaining a fully inclusive and diverse workforce is something we constantly aspire to at Career Connect. The diverse makeup of our workforce brings unique talents, improved customer service and many benefits to our clients and customers.

Diversity is an important commitment at the Career Connect. It is fully endorsed by the Board of Trustees and is regularly reported and discussed. This year, we are working towards the Investors in Diversity accreditation as a further demonstration of our commitment to making Career Connect a great place to work for everyone.

We intend to be fully transparent about the diversity challenges we face as a charity and outline our commitment to making progress in this important area.

The Career Connect People Strategy 2021-25 highlights a number of actions we must take as a priority, to build and grow a diverse workforce, which will enable greater trust, inclusivity and understanding within our communities.

Read the full report via the link below.

Download Career Connect Gender Pay Gap Report 2021


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