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Sue Mannings is now in her ninth year as a 1:1 part-time Careers Adviser at St. Julie’s High School in Liverpool, after teaching English, Drama and Religious Education for 38 years. A Level 6 Career Guidance and Development qualification with Career Connect helped Sue add a new dimension to her school’s careers provision.

An image of Sue Manning, Careers Adviser at St. Julie's High School in Liverpool

Sue Manning, Careers Adviser at St. Julie’s High School.

Speaking of how she started on her Level 6 CIAG journey, Sue said: “When I started my new role, it was a huge learning curve, and a Level 4 CIAG qualification gave me a good foundation. When the opportunity for the Level 6 arose, I was hesitant about the commitment at first, due to the time and work commitment involved, but am very glad I did it.

Building confidence for professional development

“The support I received from Laura, my Career Connect assessor, was excellent.

“Every assessment was marked promptly, and Laura’s feedback was really thorough, which gave me confidence and enabled me to develop as a professional. If I had a question, Laura came back quickly – and I emailed her frequently! Nobody likes being observed, but when Laura observed me, she put me at ease and was discreet and incredibly supportive. The online taught presentations were excellent, as were the printed resources. Building up robust evidence for each assignment has been particularly valuable in our recent Ofsted inspection.

Flexible Training

“Because I work part-time and the course was flexible, I was able to complete the qualification in just five months which was a bonus.  Laura’s support was obviously integral to this.

“A highlight was an elected module on Labour Market Information. I thought I already knew what I needed to know, but this opened my eyes to how central this is in delivering high quality careers advice and has informed my provision since.

Applying new knowledge to support students 

“I used my new knowledge and understanding to create some new resources with had been trialled by a small group of Sixth Form students. They really enjoyed the activity which encouraged them to consider things like starting and average salaries, progression, benefits, locations, requirements, competition, demand, and emerging sectors – factors which they might otherwise not have considered but which are crucial to consider when deciding on any career.

“The students said being aware of that practical information made some career routes seem more realistic and they went away with a clear focus on their chosen careers. Some students incorporated their new understanding of their chosen sector into their Personal Statements.

Greater professional standing

“I want to be the best careers adviser I can be, and the Level 6 qualification has helped me to achieve that aim. It has also enabled me to complete further CDI courses which have proven very useful. The more-informed advice I can give, the better the outcomes for my students.”

“The Level 6 qualification has given me greater professional standing with students and colleagues and the opportunity to be part of the CDI professional body of Careers Advisers  – a status of which I am proud. The certificate will be a focal point in my office!”

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