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Career Connect delivers an IAG service in prisons across Cumbria and Lancashire.

Jon* met one of our Advisers just 12 weeks before being released and didn’t believe he would ever get a job.  After years of offending since his teenage years, he had never held-down a full time job as his substance misuse always got in the way.

Having participated in a methadone programme whilst in custody, Jon is no longer using drugs and wanted to make sure he didn’t slip back into his old ways when released.  During his time in HMP Haverigg, Jon had also completed courses in brick laying, plastering and tiling, with City & Guilds.

Jon’s positive work ethic and hard work had been highlighted by his tutor, who saw real potential in his abilities.  Career Connect helped convert this enthusiasm and determination into positive action and a great step forward for Jon.  He knew that he wouldn’t cope with full-time work immediately upon release so he worked with his Adviser to explore various opportunities including part-time work, where he could gain further practical skills and build up to full-time employment.

After some online research, Jon’s Adviser was able to identify a small gardening company, located near to his hometown and got in touch on his behalf to try and connect the employer with Jon.  The Adviser managed to arrange for the business owner to come into HMP Haverigg to meet with him and set up a trial period, on a part-time basis.  This was fantastic news for Jon who had initially thought nobody would ever employ him, but he was supported through the discussion with the employer and was fully honest about his past.  He was recently released from prison and is loving his job with the gardening company.  He is now hoping to increase his hours to full time, as he has realised he never wants to return to the life he was leading before.

*Jon’s Adviser Bobbie, pictured above: “Initially, Jon thought nobody would employ him”

*Name changed to protect identity


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