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India explains how Career Coach Ste helped her prepare for college and find the right course.

India is studying Childcare at Hugh Baird College in Bootle after accessing support from our Sefton Career Connect team.

India says:

“My first contact with Career Connect was in school, when my teacher asked who was struggling to get into college, and she connected me with Ste.

“He came and spoke to me in school and asked what courses I wanted to do. I was a bit scared at first, because I hated school so much. I used to go in crying a lot because I didn’t want to go in. I was scared that college was going to be the same. I was thinking that I’ll have no mates at college, I’ll get lost, I won’t know what bus to get.

“At first, I didn’t really believe in myself, and I didn’t think I could do anything, but Ste just told me to make sure that I studied hard because he knew I could, and he knew that I would do well. In the end, I actually did get good grades that I’m proud of.

“Ste is a nice person and if you need him, he is always there to talk. When I went into school on results day, me and my mum were saying, ‘we need Ste right now!’ and he just appeared from nowhere! He gave me the extra push I needed to get into college.

“It was very enjoyable working with Career Connect. It helped me to see what my future was, put me on the right path, gave me confidence and it helped with stress. Ste told me, ‘It’s ok, you’ll be fine,’ – and he was right the whole time.

“If I could offer some advice to someone else like me, I would say don’t be scared. It’s all going to be ok. Go to college. Don’t be worried. Everyone is nervous the first day and once that first day is over, you’ll be fine.

“If a teacher asks you do you want to work with Career Connect, do it, because it does help. It helps with confidence, it helps you get into college and to find out which course would suit you, so I’d say just do it.”


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