Our Achieve programme delivers the CFO3 contract across the north west. It is funded by HMPPS CFO and ESF.

Achieve is our social inclusion programme that targets offenders who face multiple barriers to employment.  These can include issues like accommodation, substance misuse and issues with mental/physical health, etc.

By targeting such individuals, we aim ensure that people who aren’t currently accessing mainstream provision are supported into jobs.  Our case managers offer intensive support to all programme participants.  By doing this, we aim to provide a smoother journey towards employment and ease reintegration into the local community.

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The programme began in July 2015 and runs until August 2023.

Our award-winning team has a proven track record of delivering His Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS) European Social Fund (ESF) programmes since 2010. Our case managers, partners and sub-contractors, provide specialist services in offender focused education, training, employment (ETE) and social inclusion.

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