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It’s been a busy National Careers Week for Career Connect! Our teams have held a range of events in schools and in the community, given radio interviews, and helped young people to explore their options. As the week draws to a close, we asked our staff from across Career Connect, and our Youth Ambassadors to share their top tips for National Careers Week...

Sheila Clark, CEO, Career Connect:

“Dream big, and don’t be put off by thinking, ‘oh that’s too big a challenge for me’ or ‘I can’t do all of that’. Be ready to challenge those who question whether you can do something and be ready to prove yourself. Don’t let anything hold you back. Keep focused and keep your dream alive. Cut out the noise around you and listen to that inner voice.”

Evie Chambers, Youth Voice Co-ordinator:

“Be proud of your achievements. Sometimes it is hard to be your own advocate but be proud of the things you have done and let people know how great you are.”

Favour, Youth Ambassador:

“Get loads of work experience to broaden your knowledge. It will also ensure you develop transferrable skills such as diligently doing work and workload management, and help perfect your written and verbal communication skills.”

Tate, Youth Ambassador:

“Be yourself. some people put on a persona, but an interviewer can see through that. Be yourself, and you’re more likely to get a job that way. Be positive, you’re not always going t get the job all of the time. Sometimes you don’t get a job you think you’re going to get. Be positive and put your energy into researching the next job you go for.”

Sophia, Youth Ambassador:

“Maintain a good work life balance and don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Be proactive and don’t wait for opportunities to come to you. Don’t let any barriers or anything you are struggling with stop you from doing what you want to do and choosing what career you want.”

Sean McLaughlin, Team Manager, Career Connect Manchester:

“Make sure you are making well-informed decisions. Do some research, look at your options and if you need help, speak to a careers advisor.”

Helen Rushworth, Team Leader, Salford Connexions:

“Try things, even if it seems scary or you might not like it, just give it a go!”

Kate Timmins, Personal Adviser, Career Connect Sefton:

“Have back up plans, make the most of every opportunity, gain some work experience, and work hard.”

Emma Bird, Team Leader, Career Connect Wirral

“Gain as much work experience as possible in the career areas you are interested in. It doesn’t have to be formal work experience like at school, it can be volunteering or work on community projects. It will help you find out if that career is definitely for you and demonstrates you have practical experience of work, which is valued by employers.”

Amanda Caldwell, Engagement Coach (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Liverpool.

“Go to any careers fairs, open days at colleges and training and providers, and career open days and recruitment events just to see what is out there. There is no obligation, you might be inspired by what you see there. You can chat to people, and you might find out about a path that you didn’t know existed!”

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