Our Vision

A society where every individual realises their full potential

Our Mission

To drive social mobility by enabling more people to access and succeed in education, training and employment

Our Values

We are:

  • Independent, for the client (service user);
  • Reliable, confident in our service delivery and results;
  • Responsive, able to adapt and change to improve results and manage fluctuations in resources;
  • Innovative, we learn from doing and from feedback; we challenge ourselves to improve our methods of delivery to achieve positive results for our clients;
  • Accountable, to clients for quality of service experience and outcomes; and to commissioners for value for money and service impact;
  • Professionally proud of our staff for their commitment and contribution to our mission; and we invest in developing their talents and effectiveness;

We have:

  • Integrity, driven by the desire to succeed and to evidence our impact through better choices and better results for our clients;


  • Work with others, to maximise the use of our talents and link our resources to the best of what is around;
  • Measure impact, by analysing the relationship between our activity, output, impact and we report on this.