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Achieve is a wholly owned subsidiary of Career Connect delivering the HMPPS Creating Future Opportunities; ‘’CFO’’ across the country which commenced in July 2015 and will run until July 2024.

Achieve delivers intensive case managed support to offenders in the community and custodial settings. Offenders are supported through the prison gate into the community, retaining continuity to assist their journey towards gaining new skills and employment.

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“we believe that change can be made with the right opportunity and support”


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Our Delivery

Community Delivery

We tailor our work to the needs of the individual to ensure that their learning and employment goals are realistic and achievable, considering local labour gaps and areas of growth.

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Prison Delivery

We have located experienced case managers to work at each site offering offenders the opportunity to learn new skills and gain support to help them upon release.

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Achieve work in close partnership with a range of sub-contractors and providers who support our delivery through providing services including mentoring, through the gate support, accredited training courses and employment.

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Delivery Tree

Our clients often experience multiple barriers to employment e.g. accommodation, substance misuse and issues with mental/physical health.

Our delivery tree can help individuals who are not currently accessing mainstream provision, and support them into jobs. We provide resources that individuals will need to prepare themselves. If you are an Achieve Case Manager you can access the delivery tree facility here.

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