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Working with offenders presents challenges in helping people to find jobs on release from prison, but not all employers are reluctant to give people a second chance.

Career Connect is currently working with one man in HMP Kirkham who had suffered severe mental health issues following a traumatic event in his life.

Although he’d always led a successful career in the catering and hospitality sector before receiving a custodial sentence, he assumed he’d never work again due to his conviction.

His Career Connect Adviser did some initial assessment and was able to draw out his strengths and experience, to help him to put together a great CV. It wasn’t long before one local restaurant responded to his Adviser’s email and said they would definitely love to meet him to discuss opportunities for employment upon release.

Career Connect has completed all the relevant prison documentation to arrange for him to be granted a release on temporary licence (ROTL) in order to go out to meet the employer at the restaurant and attend a job interview. He is absolutely delighted to learn that he will still have a role to play in the catering and hospitality sector and feels this has been a massive boost to his confidence and morale.

Adviser Judith, pictured above: “I’m really proud of his achievements”


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