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Jane Sacco works at the independent BSix Sixth Form College in Hackney, which has more than 1,000 students. The college has a diverse intake of students from a variety of cultures, many of whom are ESOL. The college has a high proportion of free school meals and high numbers of young people with SEN.

Speaking of her Careers Adviser training journey, Jane said: “I moved into my Careers Adviser role at Bissex four years ago after previously working as Work Experience Co-ordinator and providing departmental student support.

“I did the Level 6 qualification in CEIAG to develop my skills and to help me delve into the underpinning theory of what I do on a daily basis.

Positive interaction and great support

“I have found working with Career Connect very positive. I have really valued the interaction we had as a cohort, which provided a great support. The delivery was flexible, I could work with my adviser to plan deadlines, and my adviser was really prompt in answering any queries I had.

“Having the in-depth knowledge of theory allows me to drive forward projects and initiatives with confidence, knowing that there is sound theory underpinning it. I really enjoyed the career planning module. I learned lots of strategies that I now use on a daily basis with young people.

Understanding the theory underpinning the practise

“I have taken away more knowledge of theory and techniques – there were some that I didn’t realise I was already using – but I now have a clearer understanding of why they work, and how to use them for maximum impact.  I have also changed how I run 1-2-1 careers interviews with young people as a result. 

“I’ve gained great knowledge of labour market factors that influence progression and pathways, and I’ve developed my critical thinking with regards to government policies and how they impact on what we do on a day-to-day basis. I also learned more about T-Levels and the pathways that this qualification can support.

Raising the profile of careers planning

“Having the qualification has helped me to raise the profile of careers planning across the college. I feel more confident working with management and teaching colleagues to embed career planning into the classroom across all subjects, and I want to develop this even further.

“The course has helped my overall professional approach and I am now thinking more deeply about new ways to create the maximum impact for my students.”

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