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Career Connect has unveiled a new Vision and Mission ahead of the release of the forthcoming Career Connect Impact Report for 2019/20.

Vision: “A society where every individual realises their full potential.”

Mission: “To drive social mobility by enabling more people to access and succeed in education, training and employment.”

Career Connect CEO Barry Fletcher said: “We are delighted to launch our new Vision and Mission, which we believe captures both the great work the Charity is doing today and our ambitious plans for the future. At a time when the pandemic has made our work even more crucial – especially for young people – we think this is the right time to emphasise our purpose as a Charity.

“Our new Vision focuses on achieving a society where everyone can realise their full potential and are supported to overcome barriers and challenges. As a Charity we will help this come to fruition through our work directly supporting young people and adults and by collaborating with other organisations and groups.

“The new Vision and Mission are part of a wider strategic review we have undertaken. This review has set out ambitious plans for the charity to maximise our impact through new and innovative services that help support our participants, by sharing best practice, through research and evaluation, and by expanding our services into new geographical areas. We look forward to sharing more details in 2021.

“Our new strategy will be delivered through investing in our people, embracing digital technologies and by listening to the people that we support to help shape the services we deliver.”

Career Connect’s Impact Report for 2019/20 will be released later this week.


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