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Our charity is working with Positive Planet over a 3-year period to assess our carbon footprint and undertake actions that make a difference.

Positive Planet provides solutions for businesses and organisations looking to take responsible action to reduce their climate impact.

From carbon footprint measurement, emissions reduction planning, employee training, stakeholder engagement and programme delivery, Positive Planet offers science-based solutions and focuses on delivering innovative ways to turn intent into impact.

The programme will include every area of Career Connect’s work across the UK, and our charity will be sharing updates on our progress throughout.

As well as working with Positive Planet, Career Connect recently undertook a major transformation in its ICT infrastructure, leading to a decrease of over 30% in the ICT systems’ energy usage.

It also has a hybrid working policy allowing people to work at home and helping reduce carbon emissions from travel, and has no fossil fuel companies in its investment portfolio.

Sheila Clark, CEO of Career Connect said: “While we have always done as much as we can to reduce our carbon emissions, we are taking our commitment to the next level by working with Positive Planet.

“We are looking forward to learning how to embed new approaches to sustainability into everything we do, from infrastructure and processes to everyday actions we can take during our workday.

“It will also be a great learning opportunity for our staff on embedding sustainability into everyday actions and into their lives.

“As a charity and an employer committed to creating a better future, we are excited to start this journey to further reduce our carbon impact on the planet.”  

Positive Planet is supporting UK businesses and organisations to reduce emissions by 5 million tonnes a year by 2030.  The organisation aims to work with more than 2,000 organisations to reduce their carbon footprint by at least 50% within this timeframe.

Find out more about Positive Planet and how to reduce carbon emissions by visiting their website HERE

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