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Our Professional Training Services team delivers high quality, nationally accredited qualifications to improve skills in Careers, Advice & Guidance, Coaching and other professional development programmes. Discover how we helped Shaping Futures with their continued professional development (CPD)

Shaping Futures delivers targeted outreach to young people in school years 10 to 13, offering impartial information, advice and support on all matters relating to Higher Education.  The team has been undertaking CPD with Career Connect since 2018, helping to equip them for delivery to young people. So far, 18 team members have undertaken 23 qualifications across levels 3-6.

Professional Training Development

Shaping Futures has been undertaking CPD with Career Connect since 2018.

Shannen Dabson (back row, second from left), Outreach Manager at Shaping Futures said: “Our delivery staff were recruited over a period of time from various backgrounds and with diverse skill sets. We wanted to give them the opportunity to undertake CPD that leads to a recognised and relevant qualification.

“The feedback from our team has been positive, with many citing how they feel more confident as practitioners as a result.

“Our team have found the training sessions informative, providing insights into complex concepts, such as career theories, in a relatable way.

“An unexpected benefit has been strengthening our relationships with school and college career practitioners who are also taking the qualification. The practical nature of these qualifications allows learning to be applied to practice instantaneously. Career Connect’s Training Co-ordinators have shown a real understanding of the work we do and our objectives, guiding us through the qualification, and helping us select modules which will be the best fit for us as a team and as individuals. We really valued the group work module. Most of the sessions we deliver in schools are in group settings, so this is particularly applicable to our job role. The module gave the team knowledge of learning theories, group dynamics and meeting the needs of different learners.

“It was also a useful module for thinking about developing new group work sessions – from planning to resource and evaluation. Using what we’d learnt through the qualification and subsequent group work we were able to develop a suite of resources which were pitched at the right level, interactive and adaptable to differing needs within a classroom.

“We now have resources which receive consistently positive feedback, from learners who are engaging with the session as well as those delivering the sessions. This module helped our team to feel more confident in delivering group work and in the process of reflection and evaluation, ensuring our resources are as impactful as possible.

“We have been consistently impressed with the quality of the qualification and the outputs in terms of our team’s confidence and ability in delivering CIAG as they progress through the course, supported by the Career Connect team. Career Connect provides a high quality and supportive learning environment which enables our team to develop their skills as practitioners.”

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