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Career Connect has reaffirmed its commitment to promoting fair and welcoming workplaces by becoming a member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter is a voluntary membership and assessment scheme.  It aims to raise employment standards across Greater Manchester for organisations of all sizes, sectors and geography.

Career Connect signed up as a Charter Supporter in 2021 and has now progressed to Charter Member.

Sheila Clark, CEO of Career Connect, said: “As a charity that supports people in Greater Manchester to find the right career path, we are proud to become a Member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.

“Being a member highlights our commitment as an employer.  We provide flexible, fairly paid work, with opportunities for learning, development and a focus on work-life balance and wellbeing.

“Putting employee welfare at the heart of our work brings benefits for us, our people and the communities we serve.”

Excellence in Practise

Becoming a Charter Member means Career Connect demonstrates excellence in relation to the Charter’s seven characteristics:

  • Secure Work

    Giving employees security over their income, through transparency in communications and contracts, guaranteed minimum hours, and regular review of these terms. Staff are thus given the ability to effectively manage their work and non-work commitments.

  • Flexible Work

    Enabling flexible working from day one of employment, by designing jobs in a way that, wherever possible, flex where people work, when people work, and how much people work; with clarity on the possibility of job flexibility from the outset of employment. Employees have access to a clear flexible working policy that encourages flexibility, gives opportunity for staff to request flexible arrangements, and offers regular review of such arrangements.

  • Pay

    As a charity, Career Connect is serious about offering staff the best possible terms and conditions, including pay and additional employee benefits. Paying staff at least The Real Living Wage as set out by the Living Wage Foundation and ensuring all staff have an entitlement to sick pay from day one of absence.

  • Engagement & Voice

    Utilising employee engagement and voice, building a confident, empowered workforce. Involving employees in decision-making and managing change through effective communication and consultation, and trade unions are recognised and positively engaged with where applicable.

  • Recruitment

    Demonstrating excellent recruitment practices, involving prospective employees in an inclusive, fair recruitment process that is accessible, enables both equality and equity, flexible working from day one of employment, eliminates unconscious bias, and supports the building of a diverse workforce.

  • People Management

    Ensuring excellent people management and development of the workforce, giving employees a clear set of organisational values and expected behaviours along with the right to a workplace free of bullying and harassment. With an emphasis on organisational development, all staff are provided with training that enables them to perform effectively in their role and develop skills and experience that supports progression.

  • Health & Wellbeing

    Actively supporting employee health and wellbeing. Employees have the ability to thrive in a workplace where adjustments are made, and individual needs recognised; acknowledging that mental health and general health and wellbeing need to be considered in relation to an organisation’s wider values and objectives. Strategies are in place and internal and/or external support is available to facilitate ongoing discussion, training and monitoring.

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